But what to think about all this? Festival it is not one of the largest and most influential in the world. Over the years, Czech films, with a few exceptions, have not won any awards. For the most part, even the foreigner who won at Vary wasn’t a world blockbuster. Nonetheless, she goes to the spa every year skimming cream Czech show business, but especially business and political circles. Wild parties and all kinds of events, as we now call them in Czech. They provide an opportunity not only for casual entertainment, but also for closing deals and planning. And of course there are also many so-called insignificant people who are looking forward to the premiere of the film and want to feel the festive atmosphere.

The debaters in the Journal of Three Generations, which we now present in a new modern form, will disagree this time. It’s not that they go straight into your hair, it’s not even possible. Martin’s uncompromising iconoclastic opinions clash with the more normal and optimistic attitudes of Denisa and Tomáš. What is the cause of their dispute, you will see in the video.

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