War in Ukraine: – – Putin’s biggest weakness

Last week, Russia sentenced those who spread “false information” about the war in Ukraine to prison. Terms such as “invasion”, “attack” and “declaration of war” are becoming criminally used in the media.

The BBC’s Tim Davie stated that the country’s new laws “appear to criminalize independent journalism”.

British diplomat and former ambassador to Russia, Roderic Lyne, told the BBC it appeared the Russian president was afraid of losing control.

– Its biggest weakness is the cell phone. He would try to block parts of the internet if he could, and he would shut down social media, Lyne said according to Independent.

Revealing the “truth”

He warned that friends and family members living in other countries would send pictures of the “truth” about Putin’s maneuvers in Ukraine to those living in Russia.

– All Russians have cell phones. Ukrainians call and message friends and family in Russia. They sent a picture of the truth.

He claimed that about three million Russians had left the country under Putin’s rule. These are people who have spread all over the world, and who are still in touch with family and friends living in Russia.

– Therefore, the truth will enter the country and Putin cannot stop it.

Details: Putin's hard education

Details: Putin’s hard education

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For scenario

Lyne warned that the president may face a mass uprising from the Russian people, but added that it may be several years before he loses power.

– There are two scenarios in which Putin can be forced by power. One of them is mass uprising. The second was the inside work of those close to him who realized that this war was costing Russia a lot.

He stressed that it is unlikely either of these scenarios will occur in the near future.

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