What exactly is that code? Coconut oil lies, to Jana Hajlov

What foods should you avoid as a rule?
I know a lot about food, so I’m trying to think of two main things. In the interest of a varied diet, what’s old is fine now. And the type of fat will also receive attention, because fats with saturated fatty acids with low acetic acid are unhealthy. Reducing bad LDL cholesterol, which is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. Fat with saturated fatty acids is also found in coconut which is so popular today, in coconut butter. And similar to some other vegetable fats with a solid consistency, unhealthy. That’s why I try to avoid foods that contain palm oil. And, of course, high-content ivoinch fats, such as lard, beef, or mutton (Coconut oil contains 80% saturated fatty acids and palm oil approximately 50%, which is comparable to the statement on the right. Every other vegetable oil contains only about 20% saturated and healthy unsaturated fatty acids, note. ed. . )

And darkness is so influential, it’s recently generated a lot of discussion, and it’s highly or ultra processed food. (Products are modified to make them dry and taste better, and their production and storage are simultaneously as cheap as possible and their preparation as simple as possible. There, not only from staple foods, but also from secondary processed foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, compotes, cheese, yogurt or fresh bread Processed foods primarily include instant noodles and dips, fast food, cranberry bars, sugary drinks, pre-fried chips, packaged sandwiches, etc. Consumption of these foods has increased by 50% in the USA to 80%, note editors)

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