When to do the fourth dose of vaccination? Vaccine experts advise how long to wait

Katerina Vikova

16/8/2022 18:20

From Monday, in the Czech Republic, not only will the fourth dose be given while you wait, but you can also register for a specific date at the vaccination center. However, vaccine experts now recommend a second booster dose only for people over 60 years of age and those with chronic illnesses. Others will have to wait for the fall epidemic wave or for a newer vaccine that could appear in the Czech Republic during September.

Who should get the fourth dose?

From 18 July, revaccination with the fourth dose is open to everyone over the age of 18 who has had at least four months since the previous vaccination. The Ministry of Health recommends it for at-risk groups, especially people over 60 years old, or people who suffer from chronic diseases or immune disorders.

“All those who have not received the three doses should be re-vaccinated immediately, especially the risk category should be vaccinated with the fourth dose. Others can wait for the fourth dose,” vaccine expert Daniel Dražan said in an interview for Aktuálně.cz a month ago.

Studies have not confirmed the benefits of the vaccine for younger people. “There is not enough scientific data that the fourth dose will bring significant benefit to people under the age of 60. Their protection is still relatively good after three doses, protecting them from serious travel, complications and possible death,” explains Roman Chlíbek, chairman of the Society Czech Vaccinology.

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