Woman found in freezer: – Said the house is haunted

– I am, in principle, his only friend. We are in contact every day.

That’s what a man said Express has been called “Stefan”. He was one of the neighbors of a Norwegian man who was accused of killing his partner and keeping it for several years in the fridge in their home in Värmland.

The man admitted to the blasphemy, but denied killing his partner, who had been missing for several years.

We know this about the accused

– Called the police

“Stefan” told Express that the two had dinner together and met weekly. They used to call each other. He was by no means a loner, according to his neighbors.

– The police know him well. They often stopped him and wanted to see his driver’s license or check if he was drunk. If he isn’t stopped while he’s driving, he can call the police and say, “I didn’t see you today, where were you?”, “Stefan” tells Express.

DEATH: A Norwegian woman is found dead in a freezer.  A Norwegian man has been charged with murder and desecration of a corpse.  Photo: Ralf Lofstad / Dagbladet

DEATH: A Norwegian woman is found dead in a freezer. A Norwegian man has been charged with murder and desecration of a corpse. Photo: Ralf Lofstad / Dagbladet
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According to neighbors, the Norwegian in question grew up in Southern Norway. He also worked there for a number of years, but a work injury prevented him from continuing his work.

After living abroad for several years, he moved to Sweden.

– After all, that’s what he said himself, said “Stefan”.

Dagbladet had been to Värmland in Sweden and spoke to local people where a Norwegian woman was found dead in a freezer. The Norwegian male defender in his 50s was muzzled before a prison meeting on Monday 20 March.
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Quickly became friends

He added that his friend likes to tell stories about his past life, but some of them seem a bit strange. They first met ten years ago, when the Norwegian had parked his motorbike outside “Stefan’s” house.

– It was him and roommates, and they said they had been together for over ten years. Now they will move to Sweden. We became friends pretty quickly. He is sociable and funny. I often laugh at his tragic humor, said the friend.

According to the couple, they met at a party in the early 2000s. “Stefan” describes them as social and happy in company.

In this house in Värmland in Sweden, female body parts were found in the freezer. Video: Christian Fjermeros. Reporters: Christian Fjermeros / Ralf Lofstad / Dagbladet TV.
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Believe in spirits

Expressen has been told by several sources that the Norwegian grew up in a strict Christian congregation in Norway. Spirits and supernatural phenomena are said to have been a recurring theme in conversations between the two friends, even up until their arrest. The Norwegian also said that there was a ghost in the house. He is said to have summoned one of the “Old man in the attic” spirits.

He also reportedly ordered a Nigerian exorcist to get rid of the spirit.

– The driver said he had to take the spirit with him to Gothenburg and on to Nigeria, said “Stefan”.

A woman’s remains were found in a freezer at the home of an elderly man in the Värmland area of ​​Sweden. Reporter: Vegard Krüger / Dagbladet TV.
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Confessing to a robbery that never happened

After Christmas, the accused man’s health is said to have deteriorated. According to his friend, he has already started talking about wanting to go to jail.

– He called the police and committed a bank robbery in Stockholm. But nothing like that happened, “Stefan” told Expressen.

The last time the two best friends saw each other was two weeks ago. Then they have dinner together. Everything is as usual. The next day, another neighbor told me that the Norwegian had fallen ill.

He is taken to the hospital. It was here that he allegedly told employees what was in the refrigerator at his home. Police suspect the body parts have been lying there since the fall of 2018.

– As if the world collapsed when I found out. I would never think so. He was not violent, and definitely not an abuser of wives. It’s a psychological conundrum what has happened, but it seems she’s derailed in 2018. Something tragic has happened, says “Stefan”.

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