Already on Wednesday, we will go not only to the world of myths, but also to the best entertainment with friends at the Motor Show

You don’t need to recharge snowy mountain peaks only in country off-road with all-wheel drive. As you can see in the Volkswagen Taigo test, the front-wheel drive and coupe SUV body might suffice.

What to do in January? Need to read motivational books about the things we know too. Or we can look at crisis reporting which is full of statistics, which of course also not understood by statistics. And then there is another option, thanks to which you can have the best afternoon of your life with a friend. All you have to do is take affordable enduro and quad bikes on off-road tracks!

Let’s prepare for the fact that 2022 will be full of half-truths. One of them concerns driving cheap LPG, which can save up to 50% of costs. Every garage “expert” knows that propane-butane engines don’t work very well and conversion is difficult. So let’s convert the Octavia coda model to LPG, so the truth is revealed!

And another “guaranteed” truth applies to Japanese cars. It is said to be expensive, Europeans do not know how to use it and the equipment is not much. Will the Toyota Yaris Cross be suitable for Czech drivers? After testing about 4,000 cars in twenty years, we’re sure to find the answer!

Watch the Autosalon on Wednesday, January 19 at 20:15 WIB on Prima COOL and reruns on Saturday January 22 at 09:05 WIB on Prima. Don’t forget our website, where you’ll find not only bonuses for shows, but also information and footage that doesn’t match the broadcast.

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