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The question is not if, but when. One stupid referendum on independence from the British kroner is behind us.

Australia is a strong and independent acting nation. We make our own decisions and have economic ties especially in Asia and the Pacific. Our security is anchored in a defense alliance with New Zealand and the United States. I don’t remember Britnia, to Matt Thistlethwaite.

Since April this year, Thistlethwaite has appointed a new minister for the Republicans, who shortly after taking office after parliamentary elections in May, formed a Labor government and a new prime minister, Anthony Albanese.

And although governments, like the prime minister, maintain that Australian independence from the British crown is not their priority, things will slowly move in this direction over the course of their two-year mandate.

Queen Elizabeth’s death and movement this year tipped the scales a bit more, but London’s skilled queen has moved further. The time has come when we must think about our future again, Thistlethwaite believes.

Why pay for the royal family?

In the two short centuries of the Australian nation’s existence, there was only one independence referendum in 1999. If public opinion polls at the time showed a republican vote, 55 per cent of the vote ultimately were monarchists.

Australia’s Republicans are to blame for their own internal conjecture when they can’t agree on the method of selecting the president and how strong the executive power should be.

According to estimates, a vote in a further referendum some twenty years later will favor VC.

Also due to demographic changes, this type of referendum may go against the monarchy, which does not have the symbolic message it has in recent decades. People still wonder what’s the point of paying for royalty and thinking of it as a lavish lifestyle. Just at a time when the world is about to fall into poverty, says Australian sociologist Josh Roose.

The natives opposed the monarchy

The republican movement also found support among the indigenous population, who saw physical oppression and colonial rule in the monarchy. The continent was last discovered to have existed for at least the last 60,000 years, and colonization in 1788 led to a great loss of life and unique cultural heritage. Moreover, even today, Aboriginal Australians are among the most disadvantaged population groups.

Uluru, the sacred ore of Aboriginal glass.

After the queen’s death, gestures and mourners swept across the world, natives took to the streets and banners with inscriptions such as return the land to us or this land does not belong to the queen tried to draw attention to a continuing problem historically stemming from British rule.

Prime Minister: First, we have to have a clear agenda

In the current system, the British monarchy is represented by the Governor-General, who has a ceremonial role. Pesto has power, officially approves ministers and is the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Armed Forces. As such he has the power to dissolve parliament and impeach the prime minister, which was the subject of a famous controversy in 1975.

Although the current government and the prime minister support gradual steps towards a republic, the main thing is to have a clear plan in advance and place the question of a future referendum on concrete foundations. At the same time, I have decided to precede this with constitutional reform and full recognition of adat principles.

This idea found political support, especially among the Labor Party and the Green Party, but also among some members of the Liberal Party. I would say that for many Australians the time has come. We will take the right steps and hopefully later in our term we will discuss my future head of state, Thistlethwaite said in June.

According to current opinion polls, support for the monarchy remains weak, with roughly a quarter of the population having no clear opinion. If there is a referendum, the result will depend on the undecided population, whose views and preferences change regularly depending on external events.

When a country, for example, has a royal wedding or the whole world witnesses a royal wedding, support for the monarchy will increase. With many flattering events, such as Prince Harry’s interview and Meghan Markle’s goofy appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s American show, support for the monarchy in Australia is falling again.

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