Czech teachers are less worried about the abuse of artificial intelligence by schoolchildren

The issue of using technology in education is currently being widely discussed in the world, among others related to the introduction of ChatGPT technology which creates text by itself with the help of artificial intelligence according to simple instructions.

According to experts, ChatGPT can be both a challenge and a positive opportunity for education

ChatGPT is a chatbot launched in November 2022 by the American company OpenAI. Technology learns, like humans, how to respond to user challenges based on large amounts of data. As well as producing more sophisticated essays, recipes or walkthroughs, it can also help with programming.

Representatives of school associations in the Czech Republic are not afraid to deceive schoolchildren with the help of artificial intelligence. “Until now we have not seen any abuse, namely seminar papers that were not written by students but robots, and we do not expect mass abuse (artificial intelligence in education) in the near future,” said the President. from the Association of Principals of Primary Schools of the Czech Republic, Luboš Zajíc.

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Middle schools and gymnasiums in the republic do not register any use cases of texts written by artificial intelligence or created with the help of chatbots, agreed the chairman of the Union of Associations of Czech Schools – CZESHA Jiří Zajíček and the chairman of the Association of Directors of Gymnasiums of the Czech Republic Renata Schejbalová.

In the Czech Republic, they tried differently

In the Czech education system, according to Zajíček, a form of student testing prevents abuse of chatbots. Unlike, for example, Anglo-American education, writing essays is not a common practice in Czech schools, students and students in the Czech Republic usually get their grades from oral examinations or written papers and paper tests.

According to Zajíček, deception is not expected even in language school graduation exams, where high school graduates submit essays written on the school’s premises. Therefore, according to the chairman of the association, changes in the form of tests of schoolchildren in the Czech Republic in connection with the emergence of modern technologies are not considered.

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However, according to experts, ChatGPT can be both a challenge and a positive opportunity for education. For example, the non-profit AI initiative for children has published a document on its website called Teacher’s Guide to ChatGPTwhere he shows how to effectively integrate ChatGPT into teaching and how to use its capabilities.

According to Schejbalová, some pedagogues are now using the app with Zajíce in class or to prepare lessons. According to them, most often IT teachers or foreign language teachers are assisted by modern technology by giving grammar assignments.

Minister of Education Vladimír Balaš (STAN) previously identified this technology as a challenge for Czech education, speaking of the ChatGPT application in particular with respect to teaching in universities.

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