FIRST IMPRESSION: Brutal heat. Fry your eggs in your hood, confused and confused people

The film has only seventy-five minutes of footage, but protagonist Vincek, played by creator Vincent Hospodářský’s brother, manages to experience a lot even in such a short amount of time. On the promise of a party, which may be destroyed by a planetary apocalypse, he travels through the East Bohemian countryside in unbearable heat.

Extreme weather can reduce people’s ability to think or exacerbate bad qualities. Tired Vincek encounters sluggish, apathetic and aggressive people, while the TV presenter reports that the natural instincts of animals are dulled by high temperatures, so they behave very pleasantly.

Despite its uncomplicated story, this film is an interesting insight into the mindset of millennials, who are not the generation of vacancies with their eyes forever glued to the screen. An element of fun is added to this with lots of jokes and various allusions to the weirdness experienced, such as reports by unnamed commercial TV stations about how ice is formed from water or how you can fry an egg on the hood of a hot car.

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An example from the movie Brutal Heat

Brutal heat is contained in a punk style, and in a cameraman’s mediocre, seemingly low-budget fashion. The fledgling documentary Hospodářský originally intended to make its feature debut as a portrait of its siblings, which, from its perspective, are reliant on modern technology.

As he recounted at the debate in Vary, he took Vincent to the Tatras for a week, where he denied him any digital rights except for a night camera, to find out what seven days would do without them on him – if he would survive the trip and finally give up.

“However, I quickly discovered how wrong I was about Vincent. He is a much healthier and more complex personality than I thought he would be,” Albert turned around. “Sundays together led to our radical rapprochement. Based on this knowledge, I started writing the script for Brutal Heat,” added the young filmmaker, essentially departing from the original project.

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