Putin may be meeting Western leaders face to face for the first time since the war began

The Russian president has not ruled out that he will be present at the G20 meeting of the world’s largest group of economies. The summit will be held in the Indian capital, New Delhi on September 9-10, as India is currently the leading country of the G20.

Nine months later, Putin is facing a presidential election and wants to appear on the world stage again. He wants to use the summit for change and win over countries unrelated to the West – like China.

At the same time, the presidential elections in the Russian Federation, which were originally planned for next year, may not even take place. This is pointed out by the Russian Independent servers Moscow Time. They are officially scheduled to take place on March 17, 2024, said the Russian agent RBC.

The Kremlin’s influential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, declared himself in the sense that the country’s president decides the elections. “Russian President Vladimir Putin may decide not to hold presidential elections next year because he will most likely win,” he admitted.

He is sure of Putin’s victory. “Although elections are a condition of democracy and Putin himself decided to hold them, theoretically it is possible not to hold them, because it is clear that Putin will be elected. This is completely a personal opinion,” Peskov added. “I personally believe that Putin will be elected based on the level of consolidation of society around Putin,” he said.

The G20 Countries, also known as the Group of Twenty Largest Industrial and Developing Economies, is an international forum for economic and financial cooperation. This group includes 19 individual countries and the European Union as a member entity as a whole. The main objective of the G20 is to discuss global economic issues, coordinate policies and resolve issues related to the global economy and financial stability.

G20 members include some of the world’s largest economies, both industrialized countries (such as the United States, Japan, Germany) and emerging economies (such as China, India, Brazil). The group meets regularly at summits where country leaders discuss key issues relating to the world economy, trade, finance and other global challenges.

The G20 was formed in 1999 as a response to the financial crisis in Asia and later became a key player in the resolution of the global financial crisis in 2008-2009. Today, the G20 has a much broader agenda, including issues such as sustainable development, climate change, digital economy and others.

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