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A quarter of an hour before the game ended, Mannsverk won the game when he scored the only goal of the game on a penalty kick in front. 19657 viewers.

As such, it was Molde who could back a very strong golden cup after an intense and tight final.

– Almost incomprehensible

It was the field’s youngest player Sivert Mannsverk (19) who took responsibility from the penalty spot and scored the goal that gave romsdalings 1-0, the experts impressed.

– It’s nice and icy. For youth achievements, NRK expert Carl-Erik Torp says of the last hero turning 19.

Mannsverk is considered one of Norway’s biggest talents, and on Sunday he showed that at least there was nothing wrong with his nervousness.

– It’s almost incomprehensible that a 19 year old, with that pressure, stands there and knows he has to take his time. He did that and did it perfectly, said Torp.

– He was really great today, Sivert Mannsverk. It is almost unbelievable that he is only 19 years old, the NRK expert added.

The main character himself is already far above after determining the final.

– That’s really crazy. 19 years old and experiencing it here… It’s absolutely amazing, he told NRK.

He said he had been told before the final to take a penalty if the opportunity arose. Then he would not hurt to pray.

When I have to accept punishment, I decide everything else around me. The penalty should have been a goal ten times out of ten, and that’s the pressure I put on myself. This is so crazy, he said.

Which team was the best in the final?

It was Molde’s first NM win since 2014, and thus the long-awaited royal trophy they received from NFF vice president Arne Larsen clan and Agriculture Minister Sandra Borch in the royal family’s absence.

The blue shirts aim to win something every season, but have only won one trophy in the last seven seasons (league gold in 2019), and especially for Molde coach Erling Moe and captain Magnus Wolff Eikrem, the golden trophy might taste better.

Both have climbed to the top for Molde in previous trophies, but Eikrem have traveled to Heerenveen’s last final and Moe was the “only” assistant coach as the club rose to the top in 2013 and 2014.

– There’s nowhere else in the world that I want right now. This is a truly wonderful dream come true. “For the games we played, we were very good,” Eikrem told NRK after the final.

That it was Glimt who was defeated, made into hMolde stepped down from the throne in Norwegian football the last two seasons, perhaps not dampening the excitement for romsdalingen.

Glimt’s Brede Moe, who struck the decisive penalty when he fouled Eikrem in the second half, took the loss calmly.

– I’m disappointed of course. I can’t be so disappointed either, because we didn’t deserve to win like we saw today. I hope we manage to do better than we did in 90 minutes. We were really limping, he told NRK.

He said that he raised the penalty situation with Eikrem.

– I talked to Magnus about it here about it. I agree that I have met him. I thought it was very “soft”, because I threw myself to block the leg. I felt like he saw me coming and waited for me and put a foot down. When I touch him, he crumbles. But when I threw myself like that, I gave the judge a chance to blow, Moe said.

The game opened evenly and closed, and it took 20 minutes before there were big chances for some teams. Then Molde hit two raps with Ola Brynhildsen, who first came close to scoring before he headed in the next corner just outside with a ground crawler.

ALMOST: Ola Brynhildsen came close to scoring just before half-time.

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Things didn’t go as Molde wanted before the break. First, Eirik Ulland Andersen stepped up midway through the half and had to leave the field due to injury for Markus André Kaasa.

Then Magnus Wolff shot Eikrem right outside with a free-kick before Brynhildsen, dangerous up front on several occasions, minutes before halftime was denied by Nikita Haikin when he finished from ten yards.

So, the score was 0-0 at half-time, the result Glimt liked the most.

– It’s close and even with a lot of duels, and some Molde-vej chances. Slightly disappointed with Glimt so far, said NRK expert Ingrid Moe Wold at half-time.

Two Glimt exchanges during the break

Kjetil Knutsen was clearly unhappy with what he saw in the first 45 minutes, and the Glimt boss took action during the break and replaced Elias Hagen and Runar Espejord in favor of Victor Boniface and Gaute Vetti.


Tough day: Runar Espejord got a tough job at the top before he was substituted after half-time.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Molde continued to create chances, and after 57 minutes came the biggest chance of the game. The blue shirt won the ball and Magnus Wolff Eikrem burst forward on the pitch.

He found Brynhildsen alone in front of goal, but when it was Molde’s entire turn to wait for the net, Nikita Haikin stretched himself as long as he had and saved the setback with a tiger jump.

Penalty kick

Just over a quarter of an hour before the end, it was dramatic when Brede Moe tackled Wolff Eikrem on the pitch and referee Rohit Saggi awarded a penalty.

– That’s right. Brede Moe hit the foot, but was clever by Wolff Eikrem. He lowered his legs a little, and he had every right to do so. Brede Moe was about to shoot, but Eikrem was so smart he waited, said Carl-Erik Torp.

Sivert Mannsverk (19) was the youngest player on the pitch to take responsibility from the penalty spot and give Molde a 1-0 scoreline.


HERO: Sivert Mannsverk becomes a big hero in Ullevaal.

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

No more goals, and thus Molde is the winner of the 2021 cup.

– I just have to admit that they were a little better than us today and it wasn’t any worse. “We want to be an offensive team and when you are an offensive team you have to create more,” said coach Glimt Kjetil Knutsen.

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