Hradec awarded Athlete St., Stelec Kosteleck became Athlete of the Year

The city of Hradec Krlov is a clear sports city, we are not only trying to support the development of sports with various subsidies, but we are also investing in the improvement and construction of sports facilities. And first of all, thanks to all the athletes who put in an amazing performance and can do whatever is fun, it all makes sense. Many thanks to the athletes and their coaches for creating a place for others and exemplary representatives. Especially without a suitable family home, let alone sports hope we can’t be so impressed. So a large number of children gave birth to our young athletes. You won’t appreciate Kateina Siniakov, who is the best example for our young athletes. Thanks to the fact that skins and personal sacrifices bring results that can get you and the world a spade in their sporting sector, to the mayor Alexandr Hablek.
Athlete and Olympic medalist David Kosteleck became the athlete of the year in the adult category, athlete Michal Desensk took second place and cyclist Michael Kukrle took place. In addition to them, soccer player Pavel Dvok, karate Anna Faltov and sports shooter, Paralympian Tom Peek were awarded.
A-dark hockey player Mountfield HK took first place in the team category. In another city, FC Hradec Krlov and Elkov Kasper Cycling Team.

Family and children’s promoter and founder M Pohdek, Hana Prochzkov, was introduced to the gathering.

In the individual category, Nadje krlovhradeckho golfer Filip ervinka, swimmer Kateina Zimov, runner Michaela Metelkov, athlete David Jarolmek, karate Denis Hanzlk, water slalomer Tom Indruch, judoka Luisa Pokorn, footballer Daniel Kutk, gymnast Nathali Tukov and bec Jakub Chaloupsk.
The coach and non-falconer of Orlick HK sokol Vlasta Kaplanov, Czech football coach Radka Kozlovsk and coach Eva Vlkov were selected in the coach and instructor category.
A rich companion program was prepared for the gala evening, which took place at the Hradec Krlov Philharmonic. Sports and cultural organizations at Hradec Králové, A-TEAM Hradec Krlov, Dance Team Hradec Krlov, Vem Camar Capoeira, TJ Slavic Modern Gymnastics Department Hradec Krlov and the dance group Sahar introduced themselves during the course. Musical accompaniment from the Clarinet People’s clarinet-saxophone ensemble from Zkladn umleck cola Stezina was heard throughout the night.
The full results, along with more information on the award-winning athlete and coach, will be posted on the city’s website this week. here.

Kateina mdov, tiskov mluv

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