Lauren (29) died during a morning walk

On Thursday, police in Phoenix, Arizona announced that a man has been detained in connection with the murder of Lauren Heike.

The 29-year-old woman was found on a hiking trail on Saturday, according to police, with signs of “bodily trauma”.

– She went out on a beautiful morning, to do what she usually does, says Lauren’s mom, Lana Heike emotional press conference with Lauren’s friends and family this week.

LOVES EXERCISE: According to her mother, Lauren Heike loved working out, and often went for walks in the area where she was murdered. Photo: Phoenix Police
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She portrays a loving daughter, who ends all her phone calls and text messages with “I love you, Mom.”

Popular hiking trails

A press conference organized by the police force should culminate in a stream of tips and statements of support.

Never going to see the kids again

Never going to see the kids again

“Police in Phoenix have arrested a man in connection with the murder of 29 year old Lauren Heike,” police announced on Twitter the day after the news conference.

According to police, the man is identical to the person in the videotape, in which he flees from where Lauren Heike was found dead.

The area is described as a desert area, and Lauren follows a popular hiking trail that she frequents.

“Bad Attack”

At a press conference, Superintendent of Police James Hester said he was attacked from behind, and died from his injuries.

He stated that it was a “malicious attack”.

– I just hope they can find whoever did this, one tearful father, Jeff Heike, said at a police press conference.

Now his wish can be fulfilled – if he catches the right person.

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