Lavrov commented on Zelensky’s 10-point plan. “Unrealistic conditions” – Wprost

– We respect the rules and we are people of the word. Ukraine has always been at the forefront of peace efforts, and the world has seen that. If Russia says it wants to end this war, let it prove it with actions – he spoke to Zelensky’s G20 leaders. – We will not give Russia time to rebuild its army and then start a new series of terror and global destabilization – he added.

Zelensky’s solution was presented at the G-20

– There are a range of workable solutions to guarantee genuine peace – assured the President of Ukraine, listing the most important issues in ten points:

  • Radiation and nuclear safety.
  • Food security.
  • Energy security.
  • Release of detainees and deportees.
  • Implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and world order.
  • Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostile actions.
  • Restoration of justice.
  • Counteract ecocide (crimes against the environment).
  • Counter escalation.
  • Agreement to end the war.

Sergey Lavrov: The unrealistic state of Ukraine

It was these points that Sergey Lavrov referred to when commenting on Zelensky’s speech. A Russian diplomat called them “unrealistic conditions”. He revealed to reporters that he had held talks with French and German leaders, and the topic of discussion was the question of Ukraine. According to him, Kyiv postponed the moment to find a peaceful solution. He accused Ukrainian politicians of rejecting Russia’s dialogue proposals.

Lavrov on grain exports

Sergey Lavrov during the G20 Summit reported that the country exported 10.5 million tons of grain, of which 60 percent went to Asia and 40 percent to China. to Africa. As such, it responds to one of the issues raised at the summit, namely the possibility of famine in developing countries. Lavrov expressed hope that Western restrictions on Russian grain exports would be completed in the near future.

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