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REQUEST ANSWER ERNA: FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug wants answers from Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg. Better now.

BERGEN (VG) 13 days before the election, there was a blue-blue war of words: FRP demanded Erna Solberg to cooperate with the MDG. – Just kidding, answered Solberg.


– What is the actual opinion of the Conservative Party regarding collaboration with the MDGs in big cities? Here in Bergen there is complete confusion, and this is also not clarified in Oslo and Trondheim, Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug told VG.

– There are 1.2 million people living in these cities. I think they hope to find out if the vote for the Conservative Party is the same as the vote for the MDG, said Listhaug.

– In the FRP, we have been clear: We will not allow the MDGs to rule in big cities, he added.

“Incomprehensible error”

The background to Listhaug’s demands is a double interview conducted by the candidate for mayor of the city council and the candidate for mayor of the Conservative Party in Bergens Tidende.

There, mayoral candidate Marit Warncke said the city council’s collaboration with the MDGs was simply out of the question.

But then city council chair candidate Christine Meyer followed up:

– We cannot guarantee that we will not form a coalition with any party, except for the opposition party, said Meyer, according to BT.

And added:

– We’ll see on election night.

– An incomprehensible mistake made by the main candidate of the Conservative Party, said BT commentator Hans Kristian Mjelva in his own newspaper.

SEE: Meyer appears in a wheelchair on TV:

Eren’s dream

On Tuesday morning, the leader of the Frp list in Bergen, Marte Monstad, appeared in Bergens Tidende and said that the Conservative Party should clarify that there would be no MDG cooperation – otherwise the Conservative Party would forget about the Frp in the city. Board.

And without the FRP, there is no blue majority in Bergen – and Erna Solberg can forget the Conservative Party’s dream of taking back power in her hometown.

On Tuesday, Bergen Høyre stepped out on social media and a separate internal email to clarify his position.

Then Meyer returned to the party ranks:

“There is no basis for city council cooperation with the MDGs. Therefore, we are too far away on the things that are most important for the development of this city,” the email read.

There he also gave advice to his party colleagues who stood up and met with voters, about what to answer if people are not sure about what the Conservative Party really means – a list that contains them distancing themselves from the MDGs, among others in property matters. taxes and road construction.

– Just play around

Listhaug’s remarks were not received well by Conservative leader and Bergen resident Erna Solberg.

– Is the vote for the Conservative Party in practice the same as the vote for the MDG?

– That’s just bullshit. I don’t think we need to turn this into political nonsense. A vote for the Conservative Party is a vote for the programs and policies of the Conservative Party, he told VG.

Solberg believes that candidate Meyer’s city council leader has made it clear that it is not fair for the Conservative Party to cooperate with the MDG in Bergen.

– But when the candidate for mayor and candidate for chairman of the city council face each other, what should the people of Bergen think?

– I believe that is not true, and they both believe that the Conservative Party cannot sit on the city council with the MDG.

WOMEN SIDE: They are closest to each other in the party leaders debate, they sit together in government and want to work together in big cities. But on Tuesday night they were barking at each other both in the debate and on VG.

– To be honest

The Conservative Party leader won’t give any anti-MDG guarantees – but says he has faith in his local politicians.

– We actually collaborated in several places with Ap or Sp. FRP collaborates in several places with Ap. The crowds can be large, says Solberg.

Listhaug also attacked Solberg in the TV 2 party leaders’ debate in Bergen on Tuesday night. He criticized the Conservative Party’s tax policies and called the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party conjoined twins in aged care.

Solberg believes it doesn’t matter if the Frp leader tries to seduce some voters in the Conservative Party.


– You must be honest and not give the impression that we have increased taxes for society, because we have not raised them.

– Do you think he is fair?

– I have nothing more to say about it.


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