Muscle Man Romeo is an active dog full of strength and energy. He needs leadership

“Romeo is a lover of life, entertainment, society and food. He really likes everything in the world, everything is fine. He is grateful for little and he is a pretty light partner for his kind,” presents Kamila astná from English Bull Terrier sanctuary in Tábor. Thank you for your contribution.

English Bull Terrier Romeo is looking for a new home

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She arranges vet visits, baths, all the handling, meeting new people. As he walked, he had gotten used to the muzzle, learned to walk, was uninteresting, and some commands had already popped into his head. It’s certainly not perfect, but due to the lack of training in the past, we’re very pleased with the progress. In a relatively short period of time, he convinced us he was an excellent dog who just needed good but consistent guidance. Again, in order not to sound overly positive, potential adoption applicants need to be aware that they are proposing to life with a bull terrier – and that has its own specifics. It’s a tank, a mountain of flesh, muscle and energy. The bulldozer, demolition club, and oak head titles also suit him – with all the love for his cute muzzle.

The advantage of his way of thinking is that he finds no conspiracy theories. It’s direct, legible and very simple. Don’t expect him to solve math equations and read poetry with you at night. As part of Freezer’s adage, “You have muscle, I have stripes,” Romeo is just a muscle man.

Romeo was vaccinated, treated against external and internal parasites and microchipped. He is currently undergoing treatment for skin inflammation and an old head injury – antibiotics and regular baths and lubrication. After recovering, he will be re-vaccinated and eventually castrated. Treatment of his condition can already take place in the new family, if a suitable candidate for adoption is found, who will begin to get acquainted with him and learn everything he needs. A particular question mark is Romeo’s senses, where we are still trying to decipher how well he feels, sees and hears. And how the behavior of the demolition is specifically the race and elephants in China.

According to available information, Romeo was raised in cages without ideal socialization and training. Subsequently, he goes through more houses, which brings confusion and uncertainty to his life, which is also the reason why he came to the shelter without training, injured and with many dubious descriptions of his personality.

Romeo is looking for an owner who understands the demands of a very active dog who has a lot of energy and strength. He needs sensitive leadership, but a strong, determined and leading owner. If Romeo’s master isn’t sure about it, Romeo will want to set the pace and the rules. He seeks life near the family home in an isolated enclosure with a secure garden. We want Romeo to work at his house once and live with his family. However, he will run for longer distances, as he is not used to staying indoors and must train it gradually. Due to its enthusiasm and excitement, we do not recommend it to other dogs, animals or children.

If you are interested in adopting Romeo, we will ask you to send an email to Write basic information about yourself, your family, other animals, background and experiences with dogs in the email. Like animal biographies, let’s imagine what kind of life you offer Romeo. We will reply to your email, call you and arrange your first introductory visit. Or, call 778 465 467.

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