New cup setting ready after losing NFF – Træff replaces kra

The meeting will meet Vard Haugesund.

The NFF submitted their setup at 12 on Thursday, but there was a shortage of qualified Trff. kra, who smoked in qualifying, on the other hand. As a result, a new match list was sent a few hours later.

The NFF assumed that there would be several layout changes as a result of the error, but in Friday’s updated list there was only one change.

“Geographically, this is not ideal, but Vard Haugesund has been kind enough to say yes to this. Many thanks to Vard for his hospitality in this regard. Their positivity means you avoid switching to some of the other matches already scheduled”, wrote the NFF.

– This is human error. It is my faultsaid Rune Pedersen in the NFF competition department to NTB on Thursday.

– We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. “In general it’s been going well over the years, but it’s a shame,” he added.

Teams in Eliteserien and division 1 played away as usual in the first half. Matches are scheduled for May 18 and 19. Three rounds will be arranged this year. The rest of the championships will be held in 2023.

Here are the matches in the first round:

stsiden – Sarpsborg 08, Sprint-Jeløy – Moss, Råde – Fredrikstad, Nordstrand – Frigg, Oppsal – Skeid, Gamle Oslo – KFUM Oslo, Ullern – Asker, Bærum – Kvik Halden, Lokomotiv Oslo – Eidsvold Turn, Lyn – Stabæk, Follo Grorud , Gjelleråsen – Kjelsås, Skjetten – Ull / Kisa, Eidsvold IF – Lillestrm, Lørenskog – Kongsvinger, Brumunddal – Strømmen, Elverum – Ottestad, Furnes – HamKam, Kolbu / KK – Vålerenga, Gjøvisidenda-Lyn, – Mjdenda-Lyn, – Mjdenda Sandefjord, Flint – Eik Tønsberg, Fram – rn Horten, Hey – Odd, Pors – Arendal, Vindbjart – Flekkerøy, Express – Jerv, Randesund – Start, Sola – Egersund, Vidar – Staal Jørpe Djerv 1919 – Haugesund, Brodd – Bryne, Vardenese – Sandnes Ulf, Træff – Vard Haugesund, Rosseland – Vikings, Bjarg – Fyllingsdalen, Frøya – Fana, Gneist – Sotra, Os – sane, Bremnes – Yangarden, Voss – Branndal , Fjøra – Aalesund, Førde – Hødd, Surnadal, Herd – Kristians – Molde, Dahle – Ranheim, Spjelka vik – Brattvåg, Byåsen – Kolstad, Trygg / Lade – Levanger, Til ler – Nardo, Melhus – Strindheim, Orkla – Stjørdals-Blink, Verdal – Rosenborg, Rana FK – Bodø / Glimt, Junkeren – Mjølner, Harstad – Dusk, Fløya – Skjervy , Finland – Tromsdalen, Ishavsbyen – Troms, Bossekop – Alta.

NM 2021 is not finished yet. The final will be held on May 1 between Molde and Bodø / Glimt or Vikings.

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