Now electric cars are about to break through in the United States

TOWARDS NEW LEVELS: Electric car sales in the US continue to break new records. In just one year, the country has now sold two to three million electric cars on the road.

Electric car sales are really picking up in the US. But there is still a long way to go.

To answer the question in the title first:

From the start of electric cars in 2011, with the Nissan Leaf and gradually Tesla leading the way, it will take until the end of 2021 before one million electric cars are actually sold in the US.

Then it took just two years before the two million mark was surpassed – and just one year before millions of electric cars sold in the US became a fact.

This achievement occurred this summer, according to the Bloomberg website.

Looking ahead: At least one million sold annually

Therefore, it will take just three years to convert one to three million electric cars in the country.

And while it took a full decade to reach the first figures, we can truly say that electric car sales will soon increase in a country that is still called the world’s most important economy.

From June last year to June this year, Americans bought 977,334 electric cars, according to figures from Bloomberg Green.

Global EV Survey:

America rose, Norway was again in second place

If this trend continues, and all indications are that it will, more than a million electric cars will be sold in America each year.

However, the US only had an electric car share of 7 percent of new car sales in the first half of this year.

Compared with Norway, this proportion is very small. Here, the proportion of electric cars in the first half of 2023 is 83 percent.

New car sales August 2023:

The share of electric cars is increasing, but the decline is affecting sales

Two central drivers

Bloomberg points to two main drivers of the emergence of the electric car revolution in America:

The state of California, with a long tradition of promoting electric cars, in part with the help of incentives and legislation, is one of the drivers.

California then also became the first American state to reach what is called the tipping point for electric car sales to take off, namely taking five percent of new car sales. That milestone was reached in California in 2018.

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Unsurprisingly, the other driver is Tesla. American electric car manufacturers account for 61 percent of electric car sales in the US.

Many things happened

Tesla also knocked Toyota off its throne as the best-selling car brand, regardless of powertrain, in California.

While California and Tesla were instrumental in this first phase, it’s interesting to see how investment in electric cars across America is now ramping up.

It will come continuous news about new emissions standards, as well as increasing investment in national production capacity for electric cars.

And at the latest this month has arrived news about national battery production funding package.

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