One of the most beautiful European cities will break you financially

What you can save on your tickets and hotel, guaranteed you will pass and drink in Copenhagen. Even if you avoid the Michelin starred restaurants or businesses in the center. In short, the Danish capital does not want a budget trip, but that is the only drawback in its beauty. Otherwise, even on rainy and dry days, it will warm you up with the friendliness of the locals.

Denmark has long been at the top of the world’s wealth rankings, at least according to the United Nations World Happiness Report. This year, Copenhagen was also declared the safest city on the planet. And all this plays a small metropolis on the cards.

Whether you stroll the harbor of Nyhavn, admire the statue of a little mermaid or visit the ancient Christian district, a trip to Copenhagen will resonate with you for a long time. You can also read about it in our September report here.

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