Popular chat apps modify features that are criticized. It’s about news

The WhatsApp platform responded to user criticism and decided to make some changes. They refer to the automatic message disappearance mode.

This feature is still under development, but the beta version of WhatsApp for Android already shows that the developer is working on scenarios in preserved message mode.

Changes regarding cases when the author sets a conversation to maintain message mode, sends a message that disappears automatically, and then removes it from the mode, he writes WABetaInfo. Therefore, users should now be able to prevent saving messages that are in auto-disappear mode.

Just functionmessage automatically disappears means the user sends a message that disappears from the conversation on expiration. This could, for example, after being read by the recipient or after a certain amount of time. Functionearfake news also offers the option to save messages, this time without expiration.

According to the platform, the feature is still in development, so it’s not ready for release yet. But WhatsApp is working on it and may bring the feature in a future update.

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