Prague is the seventh best city in the world

“Lockdown hit Prague suddenly and violently – but luckily its beauty was preserved,” explains Time Out magazine. He added that locals, on the other hand, could enjoy the metropolis they never dreamed of – they could walk along the Charles Bridge or the almost empty Old Town Square. “The Czech capital is very accessible on foot, with as many as 89 percent of people saying it’s easy to move around without a car,” the magazine added.

He highlights the large green areas, particularly Prague 6, where residents can exercise, read, picnic or sleigh all year round. The beautiful architecture of the city also plays an important role.

Already this year, Time Out announced the world’s trendiest eleventh street Křižík in Prague.

San Francisco stray

San Francisco, USA, ranks first, consisting of a total of 37 world capitals. On top of that, Time Out appreciates it because it never blends in and always strays from the crowd. The magazine also highlights local communities or a number of so-called parklets – extensions of sidewalks, often various green areas with benches and the like.

Second place went to Amsterdam, which is famous for its wild drunkenness, but also one of the greenest cities in an ecological sense. Locals praise the modern environment and sustainability.

San Francisco is the world’s best metropolis for 2021.


The third is Manchester England, Copenhagen fourth, New York fifth. Montreal, Tel Aviv, Porto and Tokyo closed out the top ten. London also ranked 13th, Mexico City 19, Dubai 28, Moscow 34 and Bangkok 37 final.

He values ​​the community spirit

Ranking in this year’s Time Out’s World’s Best Cities Index 2021 is based on a survey of 27,000 participants from around the world, as well as the magazine’s own contributors and editors. “Cities are evaluated for food, drink, culture, nightlife, but this time with a greater emphasis on community spirit and various environmental initiatives,” the magazine comments.

“Our annual Time Out Index allows us to express what people think of cities. This year’s list focuses on large cities that are adaptable even when their key key factors – entertainment, culture and socialization – have to recede into the background,” said Caroline McGinn, editor-in-chief of the international editorial staff.

Amsterdam took second place.


“You would think that a pandemic would completely delay the meaning of life in the city, but the results show that community spirit is stronger than ever,” he added.

Time Out magazine began publication in 1968 as a pure London issue. However, over time, it has grown into a magazine with international reach, regularly issuing recommendations on about 320 cities in 58 countries.

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