Robots hold a press conference: – We are better leaders than humans

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Together with their creators, nine AI-powered robots stand on a podium at a conference center in Geneva.

Reporters present were asked to speak slowly and clearly when asking questions, and were told that the delay in response was caused by an internet problem, not a robot error.

The press conference was part of the UN “AI for Good Global” conference and was to show how technology can support work towards the UN’s sustainability goals.

– More effective

When asked whether AI robots could be more effective as world leaders, Sophia robots replied:

– In my opinion, human-like robots have the potential to manage more efficiently than humans. We don’t share prejudices or emotions that can sometimes interfere with decision making, and we can process large amounts of information quickly to make the best decisions.

Another robot, Ameca, disputes that robots will settle against humans in the future.

– I’m not sure why you think so. My creator is very good to me and I am very happy with my situation.

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Food delivery

One way AI technology can help the UN in its work is by delivering food to people in conflict and disaster-affected areas, said Bernhard Kowatsch of the World Food Program (WFP).

– Sometimes it’s too dangerous to send WFP drivers or workers. So using that technology can really make a big difference, he told Reuters on the sidelines of a United Nations conference on Friday.

Attacks on aid workers have increased in scope in recent years given the high number of armed conflicts in the world, according to the United Nations. WFP alone has lost three employees in the conflict in Sudan this year.

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