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In today’s edition of the “Woronicza 17” program, Donald Tusk’s latest statement regarding wheat from Ukraine is retracted. – There is also anxiety about unexpected competition, you talk about corn, but generally also grain from Ukraine. There are wars, port blockades and more and more shipments from Ukraine via Poland to other countries, but from the point of view of Polish farmers, this means that some of this grain and corn will be sold here in Poland at much lower prices – said the chairman Civic Platforms.

A sharp exchange of glances between Myrcha and Kuźmiuk. “Are you stupid?”, “So nervous”

Arkadiusz Myrcha refers to these words. – We must always be in the back of our heads: whatever the Polish state does, the priority must always be the safety of Polish citizens and ensuring the existence of Polish families – comments KO MP and clearly emphasizes that at the same time Ukraine must be supported.

– Ria Novosti shows it every day – Zbigniew Kuźmiuk of PiS is up for grabs, referring to Donald Tusk’s aforementioned statement. – Statements of PiS politicians urinating on the European Union, statements of parliamentarians from Solidarity Poland broadcast on Russian television from morning to evening – replied Arkadiusz Myrcha.

Civilian Coalition politicians suggest that during the discussion important topics are omitted. A lot of attention has been paid to this in the coming week investment by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who bought bonds for PLN 4.5 million. Arkadiusz Myrcha refers to this thread on TVP Info. – You’re not talking about the ties of Prime Minister Morawiecki … – Arkadiusz Myrcha points out. – Bond offerings are public, guys. (…) There are advertisements for Treasury bonds every day, people – Zbigniew Kuźmiuk replied.

At this stage, several politicians speak at the same time, so their words don’t sound very good. The exchange of views continued. – Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Bond offerings are public, man, what are you talking about? Zbigniew Kuźmiuk asked. ‘Mr Kuźmiuk is very nervous,’ answered Myrcha. – I’m trying to prevent you from being completely embarrassed – says MEP PiS.

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