Simen Sandelien: We have pursued wisdom in meeting a world that has sacrificed

Sketch: Sandslien Cement



The debate over the electricity crisis, foreign wires, and electricity exports made Simen Sandelien want to share his sketch again in 2019.

– The idea is to convey why I believe moderate national conservative thinking is the only sensible and sustainable thing as a governing principle of society, writes Simen Sandelien about Facebook.


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The frustration is that we have pursued a policy in meetings with the rest of the world that has been a little too self-sacrificing, and that this is unsustainable or unreasonable in terms of preparedness. Sandelien says that what is politically correct is the narrative that Norway’s role in the world is primarily altruistic.

He doesn’t believe that we will escape a correction where the pendulum swings more in that direction “makes sense” areas with national considerations. Such considerations are immoral, they are simply responsible social management, Sandelien said.

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– At the same time, I am concerned that a total explosion in international cooperative relations can unfortunately also swing the pendulum into extreme nationalism, enemy imagery and isolationism. It would be very sad, he wrote.

At the same time, Sandelien believes that those who defend the current status quo like to use the opposite extreme as a frightening image of a society that we cannot have. This was a very dishonest argument, he believed.

Photo montage: Terje Bendiksby / NTB / Statnett / NTB

Sandelien believes that short-term and long-term solutions to the ongoing electricity crisis must be made with the understanding that consideration for our own citizens and national needs takes precedence over our desire to defend other countries in Europe.

This doesn’t have to mean a complete cessation of electricity exports, Sandelien said, but it should mean that the national internal injustices that have arisen after skyrocketing electricity prices are addressed and that the first priority is ensuring access to affordable electricity for its own citizens, he continued.

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