That’s why TV 2 chose to broadcast “Lauritzen Company” despite criticism

On February 28, Sofie Sinnes (15), Oslo board member Grønn Ungdom, wrote that TV 2 should have postponed Kompani Lauritzen’s premiere date.

Sinnes criticized the channel’s choice to broadcast the program, despite the war now underway in Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been affecting world news since February 24.

“In my eyes, broadcasting a show like ‘Company Lauritzen’ is now beyond reasonable limits,” he wrote on Twitter. Si column; D Aftenposten.

In column Si; D Aftenposten, young adults between the ages of 13 and 21 can have the opportunity to write debate posts with their own opinions on various topics.

Sinnes also criticized TV 2 for choosing to have a closed-door premiere party, on the same day the war broke out.

ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM: Kathrine Haldorsen said Kompani Lauritzen was first and foremost an entertainment program, and therefore it is still broadcast. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

The editor of the TV 2 program, Kathrine Haldorsen, replied that the channel had partially cut its “Lauritzen Company” promotions due to the war in Ukraine, but had chosen to broadcast the program because it was an entertainment program.

– Today we, like the whole world, are shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Such a major event clearly affects daily life in media houses like TV 2, but this is especially true for our news department, which has set and changed broadcast schedules, he told

– Our entertainment program is less affected by news images. Although “Company Lauritzen” had a military framework, the program had some similarities to what is happening in Europe today, he continued.

Haldorsen concludes by explaining that the program is a pure entertainment program where participants can test their own limits. The focus is on the story of domination and unity, and therefore not the military itself.

You see Company Lauritzen on Wednesdays at 9:40 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 p.m. on TV 2, and when you want to watch TV 2 Play.

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