The festivities in Affalterbach continue: The rare Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series circuit will offer incredible performance!

This run-out special is called the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series. We’ve seen a few more powerful and faster versions of the AMG GT over the years, but this one will probably be the best. The AMG division was founded on June 1, 1967, so it’s soon to be fifty-five years – so it’s very convenient that this special edition AMG GT sports car will be produced in numbers, yes, you guessed it – 55 parts.

Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Racing aerodynamics, customizable chassis, no skin, no air conditioning – you won’t find this car on the road

As the name suggests, a special version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series will be made available to the circuit – exclusively. This gray devil is very much like a racing Mercedes-AMG GT3, but with the difference that it doesn’t have to comply with any of the rules of the FIA ​​car federation – to some extent it’s an extreme tightened GT3 racing type.

This means that the power is incredible – in this case the proven supercharged 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine, which produces 735 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. In other words, this circuit shooter is actually slightly more powerful than the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which makes 730 horsepower and 800 Nm.

Surprisingly, the displacement of the nuclear reactor under the hood was retained, and therefore modified elsewhere. As with the road twin, there’s a sports intake, powerful cooling or stainless steel exhaust system – but in this case it can “sing from the lungs”, as it is not limited by road noise limits. In addition to road cars with the nickname Black Series, there are also racing injectors.

Photo: Mercedes-AMG

The racing steering wheel is almost a monopost, an empty carbon tunnel instead of a center console and only one carbon seat – in Affalterbach he means it! But don’t worry, you can install a front passenger seat for an additional fee…

Despite the fact that the circuit version of the Track Series (albeit a bit more powerful), is very simple, one might say simple. For example, inside, instead of the upholstered center console, there is only an empty carbon center tunnel, on the surface of which is the ignition switch, ABS or traction control – like in a race car. Forget “nonsense” luxuries like air conditioning.

In addition, there is also another seat, or a single seat – instead of the sports anatomy, there is an honest carbon racing shell. The steering wheel is suspiciously similar to that used by Formula 1 drivers, and underneath are carbon pads for shifting – but this isn’t a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission like a road car, but rather a classic Hewland single-clutch sequence because it’s much lighter.

Photo: Mercedes-AMG

The rear wing creates tremendous pressure on the rear drive shaft. In order for the car to be aerodynamically balanced, there is still a hole in the front fender to expel high-pressure air from the rotating wheels.

Yes, it may seem silly to us normal people – like carbon fenders, front hood, trunk lid (which is practically non-existent), or rear bumper. But believe me, the difference on this circuit makes sense – the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series weighs 1,400 kg, which saves more than 180 kilos compared to the road Black Series!

So it’s no wonder there’s a sequential gearbox that’s totally unthinkable in the real world. Or the adjustable Bilstein chassis, where you can adjust compression and rebound damping, or even the car’s ground clearance.

The circuit versions also differ in aerodynamics. There is a large exhaust on the front hood, thanks to which hot air escapes from the engine compartment. The front bumper splitter is specially shaped directly for the GT Track Series. There are openings in the front fender that help release air from the wheel arches at high pressure, which increases downforce. The sides of the car are shaped to direct air to the rear brakes for better cooling. The adjustable rear wing then handles most of the downforce.

So the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is more than just an expensive toy for fans. This is a technology show since Mercedes-AMG celebrated its 55th anniversary. Each of the 55 parts has a special “Manufacturing Hightech Silver Magno” varnish to make the car stand out well on the circuit.

But lest there be any illusions that everyone will be cruising the world’s race tracks – some specimens will find their place in the garage under the tarp – sadly. Now, with a limited series of only 55 pieces and a tag of 369 thousand euros, which is 9 million CZK without tax, it could be an attractive investment for collectors.

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