The woman was lucky enough to be the only passenger on the plane. It’s an experience

When 38-year-old Hannah Maden-Adams arrived at the airport, the check-in desk worker initially insisted that no planes were bound for Jersey. But really it was just the lady who booked the trip from Ibiza to the British island. But he just found out at the departure gate.

There he was picked up by a car that took him to the plane like a celebrity. At least that’s how the woman herself described it. “It’s real, but also so much fun. How often does something like this happen to you?” quoted a female passenger Manchester Evening News Server. “Usually flights are packed; You have children, families, groups of people having fun and laughing,” he added.

When the passenger arrives on the plane, he is instructed by the crew that he can sit wherever he likes and he can store his luggage wherever he wants. “I went to the window and decided to sit almost at the front because of the view,” says Maden-Adamsová.

According to the crew, an unusual situation also occurred because the plane bound for Jersey Island had departed from Ibiza that morning. Therefore, no one expects other passengers to use the late afternoon service. “I really thought he wasn’t going to fly but they had to get the plane back to Jersey so we flew,” the woman added.

The flight was delayed for 18 hours, one passenger had the whole plane to himself

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