Neither of us thought that Russia would invade Ukraine

None of us thought, until the last moment, that Russia would attack Ukraine in this way or in another way, said Marta Wcisło, MP Platform Civic, on the “Word of Everything” program on Radio24 Poland.

Opposition politician said in an interview with Maciej Wolny on Polskie Radio24 (also a journalist for that Ukraine did not become a member of NATO because of its economic parameters, as well as issues related to corruption and social policies did not preclude Kiev from gaining full Atlantic Alliance member status. North.

On Maciej Wolny’s suggestion that after the events in Georgia or Crimea one could expect a further direction of expansion of Russian imperialism, Wcisło stated that no one thought that Russia could go so far as to declare full-scale war on Ukraine.

Each country, joining a certain alliance, pack, must follow a certain path. We know that this path, when it comes to issues related to the transparency of social, business, economic and economic functions in Ukraine, does not meet certain prerequisites for joining the Pact. Secondly, none of us thought until the last moment that Russia would invade Ukraine in this way or in another way.

– said Marta Wcisło on Polish Radio24.

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