The World Cup will be free on Fif, but you can play on Switch

And until 2012, Electronic Arts published the soccer World Cup as a separate game, but they finally gave up on this practice. So this year, as before, owners of the current version (see our review) will receive licensed content for free in the form of a large patch.

You can see all 32 qualifying teams in matching sets (they promise daily updates during the campaign) and jerseys, and of course there’s also the new infographic, which will look exactly like what viewers see on their TV screens.

What’s more, the game will be so realistic that even after the tournament is over, you’ll be able to jump to any day of the tournament at any time and try to turn the tables in your team’s favor. Of course, there will be news on the popular FUT regime, but you have to be careful here. Some special cards will apply during the championship and will be removed from play by January 4th.

In the payouts described for both old and new PC games and console owners, with one exception, namely the Nintendo Switch console. But that’s not surprising, Electronci Arts have neglected this platform for a long time, and we’re really surprised why they publish games there, when it has little in common with the great FIFA.

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