The World Cup will not promote entertainment in stadiums. Beer will not be sold even in the stadium venue

6 hours ago, 18/11/2022 19:40
Karel Dostal
photo: Qatar Football Association
WC 2022

Weekend football, beer and sausage or sausages. Unfortunately, visitors to the twenty-second World Championships won’t be able to enjoy such a treat. Ultimately, FIFA decided right before kickoff that beer, at least alcoholic beer, would not be available in the stadium.

The Championships in Qatar are an event that many don’t miss twice. A tournament in November in a region where football thrives almost in the desert doesn’t seem like the ideal choice for the FIFA organization yet. Lots forbidden but it should be allowed. In Qatar, being a Muslim country, alcohol is not sold at all, but the World Cup should have an exception, and at least beer should be available for purchase in the eight stadiums where the championship will take place.

But in the end, nothing came of it, as with FIFA for several hours before at first decided that only non-alcoholic beer would be sold. “Following discussions between the host country authorities and FIFA, a decision has been taken to remove beer vending machines from Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium,” read the statement from world soccer’s governing body on “Non-alcoholic beer will remain available in all Qatar World Cup stadiums,” FIFA assures fans that at least this way they will be able to satisfy their appetite with hop products

The World Cup will kick off on Sunday with a duel between Qatar and Ecuador. The match will take place at 17.00 our time at the Al Bayt Stadium.

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