The Zlín company delivers the news. He won a number of prestigious awards

The Zlín Tescoma company presented its world-awarded products and several new products on Thursday. At the same time, according to chief designer Ladislav Škoda, comments from customers helped a number of innovations.

The Red Dot Design Award from American Chicago and the Kitchen Innovation Award are two of the many awards received by products from Zlin’s company, Tescoma. The company presented several of its award-winning products at Thursday’s press conference.

The co-creator of the product is actually also the client, which is evident, for example, in the six-piece cutlery set. “Many people come to us saying that their kitchen is not blowing and they have nowhere to put their dishes,” says chief designer Ladislav Škoda. According to Škoda, everything is so that it is easy to put together and takes up as little space as possible.

At the encouragement of product users, the designers created a two-in-one bowl. Thanks to the removable handle, you can turn the bowl into, for example, a cupcake cover. Thanks to this creation, the company won the Kitchen Innovation Award. Co-owner Petr Chmela later stated that the coronavirus pandemic had not had a negative impact on Tescoma’s sales.

Watch the full recording of the press conference:

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