Through the eyes of Saša Mitrofanov: Castle Candidate: karaoke on the battlefield

Years ago the Daniil Mantra described the thought movement that made such a phenomenon possible as follows: “An old woman, out of sheer curiosity, leaned out of the window, fell, and wandered off. Another old woman leaned out the window, starting to look down at the battered one, but out of excessive curiosity she also bent too far, falling and battered. Then a third old woman fell from the window, then a fourth and a fifth woman. When the sixth came out, I stopped enjoying it and went to Malcevský trh, where they were supposed to give knitted scarves to the blind.”

In our country, it is not old women who fall, but future heads of state. And since our age is different from Spells in being less cruel and more human, our candidates don’t fight. They stay alive and well, singing political karaoke instead of lying limp on the pavement. Anyone can come there, ability, experience or judgment doesn’t matter at all.

What songs do the public expect from them? Stop. The public definition is missing here. Because a citizen having an idea of ​​what the president should do in our country, i.e. what the Constitution imposes on him and what he should not do, is something else. And what was different were the citizens who either didn’t know the Institute or had never opened it in their life, because they thought they were good for two things. It is not surprising that these two opposing groups envision completely different human and political phenomena in the Castle.

Those most unaffected by reality want to have a man in charge of Prague and the whole country – and things will soon get better. Well, Mom, how about Pig. Only one commander, because only one must rule. To these residents, if the candidate sings the aria from the apartment building falsely like a pig, they will still meltwhat a handsome guy with a skinny ass.

It is a pity to speak of another visitor to candidate karaoke, recruited from anywhere, but not from a place where something is known and can be done about the seriousness and demands of the president. Even cats don’t roar so loudly in the spring.

It would be nice if this karaoke didn’t take place on the battlefield. The simple fact that, in times of war, the president is primarily supposed to be a strong negotiator in the field of international security does not occur to many voters. And who knows if that’s why the shiny snitch won’t settle in the Castle.

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