Truly cruel behavior from Russia

– It’s very irresponsible to fight around such a facility. It’s important that those who work with the facility have access to check it out, Huitfeldt told TV 2.

He further said that they had not received any reports that radioactive material had been leaked. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also confirmed that no increase in radioactivity levels had been measured.

– But it’s really the cruel behavior of Russia that we see here.

On Friday evening, a fire broke out at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in the world, in the Ukrainian city of Enerhodar. This is said to have happened after an attack by Russian troops, who among other things were said to have fired grenades at the nuclear power plant.

This is the one that caught fire at a nuclear power plant

Don’t want NATO to intervene

Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko urged NATO to intervene after the attack. Huitfeldt refused.

“We do not want NATO to enter Ukraine, but this incident will clearly be discussed in today’s meeting,” said the Foreign Minister.

On Friday, an emergency meeting was held for the NATO foreign ministers and then the EU foreign ministers.

– But Ukraine, despite the aid of arms, is quite alone, right?

– There is full solidarity with Ukraine also through action, said Huitfeldt.

He referred to what he described as a historic package of sanctions, arms aid and that entire Western society is providing humanitarian assistance to those who have fled and those left behind in Ukraine.

– There is a huge international effort and maximum pressure on Russia to scale back, says Huitfeldt.

The plan for Friday’s meeting is to get together to coordinate the use of language and actions related to the invasion.

Expert: – This is what we fear

Will not cancel Cold Response

While the war in Ukraine is becoming increasingly violent, Norway is planning massive military exercises on Norwegian soil. 35,000 troops from 28 countries in the Cold Response military exercise.

Although it is feared that the situation will get out of control, the Foreign Minister said the exercises will be carried out according to plan.

– It is important that there are no unforeseen events or sources of misunderstanding during the Norwegian practice. But canceling a workout is also wrong. We are responsible. “It’s an open exercise, the Russians have been invited and they know where they have us,” Huitfeldt said.

He further said that the core of Norway’s security policy is that it is based on deterrence and assurance.

– We do not carry Allied soldiers near the Russian border. There is a long tradition for this in Norway.

The exercises will take place in Southeastern Norway, Central Norway and Northern Norway, and will last for two weeks.

WEAPONS: Armed Forces deliver weapons to Ukraine. Here from Gardermoen. Photo: Pål Martin Rossing / TV 2

Can last long

Several TV 2 experts have spoken over the past week believing there are plenty of indications that the war will drag on. Ukraine shows a great desire for war, while Russia will not give up until it achieves its military objectives.

– Do you think Russia will take over Ukraine?

– It’s too early to tell. He faced more secessionist resistance on the pitch, as well as internally in Russia. So we don’t know what the end will be, Huitfeldt said.

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