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Are you interested in news from the world of IT and computers? Do you want to be the first to read premium articles from the editors of ivě.cz and Computer? Are you hungry for honest reviews and benchmarks? Our new PREMIUM PLUS is just right for you.

In addition to news about computers, the Internet and modern technology, you get the ivě.cz website by subscribing to PREMIUM PLUS access to paid content on seven other sites, including Blesk, Reflex or E15. You can browse nearly 40 electronic versions of the most important Czech newspapers and magazines.

Read vehicle test reports on, from the weekly press Svět, political commentary and cases from the weekly Reflex, news and photo galleries from the celebrity world on, or news and economic analysis from E15. We have maternal counseling for women on the website. Everyone can choose from a wide variety of PREMIUM PLUS internet service content.

Read anything on

In addition to access to the paid sections of eight websites, the package includes free reading of the electronic versions of all CZECH NEWS CENTER magazines, which are available on the e-shop In addition to the titles already mentioned, they include, for example, Auto TIP, Computer, for children’s ABC, Sluníčko, Mateřídouška, and (not only) for women’s magazines Dieta, FOOD, Moje psychologie and others – a total of several titles for one general subscription! Digital content can be read from any device – on a computer, phone or tablet.

You can get detailed information with the possibility to immediately start reading one of the CNC titles in

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