Tusk’s reign was a time of unemployment and poverty

Tusk’s reign wasn’t as good times and a green island as he thought. Poles see it as a period of high unemployment 14.4, the poverty of Polish women and men, the buying of notebooks, the loss of security throughout the eastern wall. And this is the best comment why they don’t have a program,” said PiS MP Dariusz Stefaniuk in “Gościu Wiadomości” on TVP Info.

Kantar Public Opinion Poll

In the program “Gość Wiadomości”, Dariusz Stefaniuk (PiS) and Wiesław Szczepański (Nowa Lewica) were asked, among others, for the Kantar Public opinion poll for “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in which Law and Justice won the chance for independent government.

This polarization of the political scene is evident, even though PiS, by using certain rules and election campaign methods, is 8 points ahead of PO. I am happy with the results of the Left Party, but I am a bit worried about the results of the Third Way, because if the turnout and the will to vote are maintained, the figure will reach 6 percent. thrown in the trash

– rated Wieslaw Szczepanski.

I hope that the campaign to be carried out will produce good results and support a united opposition

– added.

This is not an election, but the people who vote. And I wish our voters once again, for a third term, faith in Law and Justice

– said Dariusz Stefaniuk alternately.

This poll is happy, because how can it be sad if you are leading the poll. But it cannot deceive either, because there is an election campaign, we all work, we talk with Poles and Poles

– said the PiS MP.

The local conversation formula worked. We speak directly to people at harvest festivals, gatherings and picnics. We demonstrated credibility and we may get a bonus for this credibility, because we demonstrated that two terms in office of our government have changed Poland

– added.

Today, we are leaders in many rankings not only in terms of Gus statistics, but also in OECD and World Bank. The economic growth, the rebuilding of the Polish army, shows that in addition to social programs, we are also able to offer economic programs

he judged.

Today, Poland is developing with these two “lungs”: just as Western Poland was before it, so today Eastern Poland is also experiencing its own development, an economic boom.

Stefaniuk said.

Perhaps the upside is that the Confederacy is back to the level it should be. Perhaps more extensive coverage of this in the media will dissuade the party from following the Sejm at all

said Szczepanski.

As for the debate, I want my Law and Judiciary colleagues to also start talking about why there is no money from KPO or why we have inflation like that.

– said the MP Left.

The most important PO program is what it is

Politicians also answer questions about the assumptions of their party’s program. Szczepański pointed out that while the Left had previously presented them in quite extensive pamphlets, today the Poles were more interested in strong slogans.

Some of the slogans that appeal to today’s voters: social issues, security issues, people with disabilities, women’s rights, separation of the Church from the secular state, these are the most important issues that need to be focused on and persuade voters to join this program .

said the left-wing politician.

PO politicians don’t “torture” voters with the program because they don’t have the program. We have heard many times, for example, the famous words of Mrs. Leszczyna: we’ll show it when we win

– assess PiS MPs.

Currently, the most important PO programs are: liquidation of military units, police stations, 950 state-owned companies that were privatized during their reign – this is the Platforma Obywatelska program

– added.

Tusk’s reign wasn’t as good times and a green island as he thought. Poles see it as a period of high unemployment 14.4, the poverty of Polish women and men, the buying of notebooks, the loss of security throughout the eastern wall. And that’s the best comment why they don’t have a show

Stefaniuk said.

We will be presenting our program in early September and not only for one term, but also for the next

announced PiS MPs.

Why doesn’t the opposition want a referendum?

Why is the opposition against the referendum and can they talk to the government with one voice on basic issues like the referendum question?

None of us, I’m talking about Leftists, are thinking about raising the retirement age, and we remain against it. Neither of us wants to dismantle this border wall. This referendum is part of the election campaign. We will have a situation where the faces of PiS politicians will be shown for the referendum, they will be able to persuade until the last moment, the whole machine will be usable.

replied MP Szczepanski.

Together, we voted for a defense bill. There are certain elements where we can speak with one voice

– added.

On the most important issues requiring unanimity, such as security, I regret to say that the opposition has failed. Let me remind you of the action regarding the construction of the barrier on the border – it is a process of oppositional discourse, which is divided on this issue, there are voices against it. Donald Tusk, who should be the prime minister of your coalition, speaks this out loud. This shows that, unfortunately, the opposition does not want to take responsibility for the state and says: if we win the elections, you will see

– said Dariusz Stefaniuk.

I was also very surprised that the opposition did not want to take part in the referendum. I remember when MP Joński, when he was in the Democratic Left Alliance, appeared at the Sejm and said to Donald Tusk: what are you doing, do you want to raise the retirement age? Leszek Miller, who was chairman of SLD at that time, collected signatures, Solidarity which collected 1 million 400 thousand. signatures, Donald Tusk rejects joint referendum with PSL, and today the Left says that citizens are not important, they need not comment on whether the retirement age will be raised or whether there will be privatization of state-owned enterprises

– added.

Under Donald Tusk, 2 million 300 thousand. unemployed people. This is more than the entire Lubelskie Province. One of the 16 provinces will disappear from the map when it comes to the number of workers. And what have we done? 16.5 million people working today is our absolute record

– concluded the PiS MP.

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