The Chinese giant Vivo is one of the leading phone manufacturers in the world and its activities are also starting to expand in our country. However, they still lack flexible phones in their portfolio, which is now the clear ticket to the company they actually choose. It only requires high-end technology and a huge investment that no one can afford. Belonging to the cream of the phone is, of course, a matter of professional honor for any manufacturer, so Vivo has been working on its own flexible model for a long time. And the upcoming Vivo Fold X finally has me officially confirmed performance date.

Initially, with regards to the Vivo Fold X’s performance, there was speculation about an April date, but the company will eventually rush. Today’s trailer on their social network invites you to March 28, when they were supposed to introduce us to “something extraordinary”. And the published images leave no one in doubt that it’s just a flexible phone. This will be the Vivo Fold X, thereby starting a new era of the “X” series. Vivo originally had the NEX series for something similar, but recently shipped it to the ice.

Advanced equipment including advanced zoom camera

There is also enough information available on the Internet to get a specific picture of the Vivo Fold X. The internal flexible OLED display is said to be 8 inches with QHD+ and 120 Hz resolution and will close “in”. So similar to the Galaxy Fold model from Samsung. These include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset or a 4600 mAh battery with 80W classic or 50W wireless charging. There are also four rear camera sensors with advanced zoom options. Just an award that will definitely not be popular… Even if hope dies last.

Vivo Fold X

In addition to the flexible novelty, the event will probably feature another very interesting part of the Vivo stable. This should include the top Vivo X Note model with its oversized 7-inch screen and high-end gear. Lastly, we will also take a look at the long-awaited Vivo Pad tablet. It also looks promising and offers decent performance with a Snapdragon 870 or 120 Hz 2.5K display.

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