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This Friday we have a news summary for you, as well as on Wednesday, but you just have to pick it up from one of ours. Jirka still has his voice saved, so Zdeněk will guide you through the news. But we’ve got enough for you, so have fun and an even more exciting start to the new week.

Topic list

01:30 – The new Czech sci-fi horror film Expedition Zero has just been released. Studio Enigmatic Machines invites us to freeze Siberia. But our job is to escape from here

05:33 – Several STALKER 2 game developers are already in the Czech Republic. GSC Game World must have complete background with us

07:59 – This isn’t the Gran Turismo you’d expect, says Jauchi. The author of GT 7 presents the planned changes. One million credits for everyone, higher rewards, and a chance to sell cars

13:12 – Ukrainian Frogwares publishes two stories during the war. There’s already new DLC for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The Demon Princess will be releasing on Switch soon

17:56 – Summary of the events Future Games Show: Spring Showcase 2022. Among the forty titles there are 8 world premieres and one Czech match. He just came out

26:21 – Resident Evil writers don’t just want to make big, horror games. Once every 10 years, Mikami wants to publish a masterpiece. A new game is in the works at Tang

30:05 – The Project CD categorically confirms that there is a lynx in the locket. Apparently something from fan fiction is making its way into the new Enchanter. We already know who is leading the development of the new game

31:14 – AMD FSR 2.0 technology will be available on Xbox. High-end resolution will help console games. Forspoken shows quality and fast loading on PC

36:23 – In the Disney Mirrorverse, heroes will fight alongside bad guys. The new action RPG for mobile will offer dozens of characters from Disney and Pixar in a mirror world

38:36 – A new Battlefield is in development, insiders say. Tom Henderson reveals EA’s steps forward. The next part of the series brings back some of our favorite elements

40:28 – Jeff Grubb also talks about renaming football from EA. According to him, FIFA will actually change its name to EA Sports FC. Allegedly, this might happen this year

42:42 – Is the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem out yet? Trophies have appeared, mysterious dates in the Microsoft Store and we know, for example, the list of chapters

44:16 – The first DLC for Dying Light 2 doesn’t have to follow the story. Techland is preparing more content than originally intended. The development of the storyline will follow later

46:27 – It seems the no-build mode will still be in Fortnite. Insiders claim that the information is in the game data. The mode is called No Build Battle Royale

48:11 – Metal Gear Solid is still looking for a good story. Lead actor Oscar Isaac spoke. According to him, the adaptation is still in progress

49:46 – GDC is running at full speed. Sony shows PS VR2, Intel its upgrade solution and Unity offers fantastic tech demos

51:18 – Flight Simulator has received another World Update, this time developing Spain, Portugal or Andorra. More fixes are on the way

51:44 – Microsoft has made hundreds of millions for games on Game Pass. He also supports retail and founded a division that handles cloud gaming

52:28 – Activision faces another serious lawsuit for discrimination and harassment. Meanwhile, Microsoft said it would not defend the union after the acquisition

53:06 – Halo series available, images and video of The Last of Us leaked for HBO and first impressions of Sonic 2 film missing

53:59 – Netflix buys another development studio. Boss Fight will also make games for streaming platforms

54:14 – British police uncover the Lapsus hacking group. One of their leading members is only 16 years old

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