Will walk the dog – the fire is out in Sande

FIRE HEROES: Tina Giseth (34) and daughter Vanessa Giseth (9) were praised by the fire service after they took action and helped put out a raging fire Sunday night.

A local family in Sande have been named heroes by the fire service after their efforts to put out the blaze.


On their regular walking route with the dog, the smell of burning started to waft for Tina Giseth, 34, and her husband Thomas Giseth, 47, on Sunday evening. Suddenly they were standing by a roaring fire in Tandbergåsen in Sande in Vestfold.

– We saw smoke as we entered the forest. There is smoke rising from the ground and it has spread upwards into trees as well, Tina Giseth said by phone to VG.

– No open flames, just lots of smoke.

Resolutely, the couple took action.

– We did what we could to put out the fire and ran home for the six one and a half liter bottles of water we threw at them. And then we called the fire department, Tina said.

Daughter Vanessa (9) is back with him to help with the firefighting work.

Thank you from the fire service

Following his recipe, Vestfold credits the intercity fire service, which pays tribute to local firefighting heroes on social media.

– They called 110, and ran home and got water in a soda bottle and put out the smoldering fire. We put out the fire, said Rune’s emergency manager André Hansen.

– Huge kudos to the observant and proactive locals who called 110 and put out the fire in the vegetation, which can now quickly grow.

The Ulm fire started in the north lane of the parents’ garage in Tandbergåsen in Holmestrand, fire officials said.

Location contributes to the actions of the Giseth family:

I think many people refuse to call

– It’s a bit far-fetched to call an emergency number, but the fire service says we’d rather call once too often than once too few. They are very proud of us, said Tina.

– We agreed to call the fire department because we couldn’t go home and sleep thinking the fire could start again. These are small forests between dwellings and can spread quickly.

– How does it feel to be crowned a hero?

– This is very nice. The fire service has said several times that we have done a very good job of extinguishing as much as we can.

Total ban in places

Extremely dry terrain, high temperatures and no rain in sight have prompted a total ban on open fires across much of southern Norway.

The East Region has imposed a total ban until June 29. There’s also a total ban on Vestfold.

In a VG interview earlier this week, he warned the public not to underestimate how easily forest fires start:

– Very little is needed. A small spark is enough to ignite a large area with the potential for massive damage to forests, buildings, wildlife – and ultimately human life, said fire chief Rune Larsen in the inter-city fires in the Mosse region and VG rescue.

WARNING: Fire Chief Rune Larsen in the Mosse region intercity fire and rescue operation.

The fire chief at the Fredrikstad fire station, Stein Laache, will depart on Sunday Fredrickstad newspaper with an appeal to the public to comply with the prohibition:

– The only places it’s OK now to have a barbecue are at home on your porch and in your own garden, provided there’s no risk of spreading a fire, Laache told the newspaper.

Check out the video of the fire in central Oslo on June 11:


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