World War II started 84 years ago. We are still feeling six years of killing and struggle for independence in 2023

84 years ago, the biggest and bloodiest conflict in human history began. Former German dictator Adolf Hitler used the attack on the transmitters in Gliwice, a town then still on the border between the two countries, now deep in Poland, as a pretext for launching a full-scale invasion of Poland. According to Nazi propaganda, the Polish army should have done this. But in fact, members of the German police – the Gestapo, who disguised themselves as Poles.

The start of the Second World War was carried out in the name of sabotage and betrayal. It is absolutely impossible to say that Warsaw is ready to defend its country from its western neighbors. When the Red Army attacked from the east on September 17, all hope for Poland was lost, and they did not become independent until November of the same year.

So much for invading Poland. But what is the point of all this conflict?

World War II changed everything. Until 1939, there was only one country in the world that could be called a “superpower” – the United States of America. Washington gained all power and influence primarily through victory in the First World War. This brought America to the top. The US is indebted to all the great countries of Europe. Great Britain and France in particular. The victories over the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires were dear to these countries and they had to pay for them even after the war. This has an impact on the distribution of power in Europe. America also willingly participated in the reconstruction of Germany until they themselves almost collapsed economically. This is not intended as a wasted investment or support to the enemy – only support for a war-torn country whose health is critical to the distribution of power in Europe. And still to this day.

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Despite heavy and brutal losses, a new superpower rose in the east, despite the heavy support of the United States. The Russian Empire collapsed in 1917 and events there gave birth to the Soviet Union, a divided and shattered country. After the attack by the Germans, the Red Army actually made a very bad move, but within half a year after the attack in June 1941, there was a turnaround and the Soviets showed that they could defend “Mother Russia”.

This is a very simplified history window, but we need to keep that in mind. World War II still affects us today. For example, there is a widespread narrative that the French surrendered very quickly. Or the claim that the Italians couldn’t fight back and kept changing sides. Great Britain then stood up against Germany alone and essentially saved all of Europe. Yes, British heroism in the Second World War was immense and the commitment of its people was unprecedented. Apparently, they would not have succeeded against the Third Reich without the help of foreign legionnaires from fallen countries – be it France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, or even Norway. All of this was done with the help of other allies from the US, Canada, the former Newfoundland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and British India.

The impact of World War II is still being felt today. The distribution of power in the world, economic and political blocs, the fight against terrorism – all this would not exist today, or rather, would not exist at such a level. While the German aggressors gradually became “obedient lambs”, France and Britain managed to sow hatred between Palestinians and Jews in the Middle East. The United States has already declared its enormous influence, another hegemon is growing in the East, which will influence geopolitical events for the next five decades.

With the formation of the Soviet Union and then the communist, if you will, socialist, Eastern bloc, the world was definitively divided into West and East. Hatred of America and Russia is growing in both blocs, while China is living its own life and the southern nations bow to the world’s greatest powers, especially economically. Meanwhile, the seeds of a bloc were being formed in Europe, of which the Czech Republic was also a part, despite being a former Eastern bloc country. During the 1950s and 1960s, the two warring nations began to reconcile and laid the foundations of the European Community, which since 1992 has been known as the European Union. France and Germany were able to overcome all their hatred and create a large economic, political and power bloc on the European continent. Europe hasn’t really felt this kind of situation yet.

In the initial six countries – namely France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – more and more are packed. It is understandable that the idea of ​​free trade is very attractive. However, the problem of gradual European integration is not simple enough to be discussed here. After all, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the dangerous Cold War ended, several degrees colder than the Second World War. It would seem that the world will calm down, the Second World War will stop moving our lives, and we will not be afraid of our naked lives.

The European Union has taken on a life of its own since 1991, adding new members. The United States and other countries have adapted to the new “world order.” Among other things, the restoration of a re-established Russian Federation, where Western investment is starting to flow, is also important – not to blame, this is a clear opportunity and Moscow has open doors in the West for some. time. Until the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union begin to “develop”, the Kremlin’s official version reads. The Europeanization and Westernization of Ukraine, although voluntary and democratic in nature, has undermined the interests of a new emerging power – the Russian Federation. The biggest country in the world that lacks friends.

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