Blinken translated Biden’s words. “Regime change in Russia is not US policy”

Americans are not at war with the Russian people, but with Vladimir Putin, Prof. Zbigniew Lewicki, an American from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. He noted that Biden’s speech made it clear that there would be no more talks with the Russian president, who is “almost excluded from humanity.”

“This visit, his journey, and his conclusion deserve a lot of credit. Especially the course itself was interesting, spontaneously surprising – very different from all the presidential visits I’ve watched or arranged, because it is. Biden stops and talks to people. Touches people’s hearts. normal, because he is here not only to promote, cynical commenters, but to the people who watch him, who participate in it. He is a very warm man. I have other objections, but he is a warm man “- he said in an interview with PAP prof. Levi.

Referring to the US president’s speech that crowned the visit, the expert said the negative comments that emerged were evidence of “terrible parochialism on the part of some”.

“He made a very important and important speech for Europe and the Kremlin. They are two different recipients. And many expect that when the US president comes to Poland, he should talk about Poland, the army, permanent bases. He comes to Europe and finally On this trip, he gave a very intense, very good speech, which addressed the citizens of European countries and, through them, to the leaders of the situation as it is – to deal only with our problems “- he judged.

Prof. Lewicki drew attention to fragments of speech that lacked wider echo.

“When Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany during World War I, he said it very clearly: we are not arguing with the German people. Biden repeated it in a slightly different form. The Kremlin, but with Putin, who is a butcher. , liars and disgusting men who have to go. It was a very careful and important speech. A certain motive, a slogan, something that would make newspaper headlines was lacking. It’s gone. He used other people’s slogans – John Paul II, Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy, but he found none. It’s a shame, but it was a very worthwhile visit, completely different from the previous one, because we have war, not just ours. problem “- emphasizes Lewicki.

He added that he was not a Biden fan as he has repeatedly stated, but in assessing this visit he must remain “fair in assessing and appreciating what happened”.

He pointed out that Biden’s speech made it clear that there would be no more talks with Russian President Putin, who is “almost excluded from humanity”.

“He clearly signaled to Moscow that we can talk, but without Putin. Message, we will talk, but not with this man” – added prof. Levi.

Author: Tomasz Więcławski

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