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Architect out of role

– Why is this relevant for architects and architecture students?

– In most architectural projects, one has to think commercially and deal with the task of designing the room and receiving payment for this. However, we will try to expand on that role and show what problems a lot of existing tourist architecture creates. We want to pull the architect away from the role of someone who simply executes economically driven ideas for clients – or beautify capitalism – and ask how architects can influence the world in different directions.

A concrete building

That’s why Lawrence and the team behind this project are looking for architects of all ages and students, who want to be challenged on this. Here, the theories from last fall will be turned into a workshop and the idea is that small building plans in Bali will be concreted.

– I would encourage anyone interested to register. Especially for students, it’s great to be able to help build something physically. This is not a model like it used to be from the school, but a real building that will be used in Bali, Lawrence said before adding:

– This is a unique opportunity to build concrete input for one of the world’s most important debates. We may not find all solutions to tourism problems in the course, but perhaps the architects and artists who have attended the course can eventually take this problem further.

The application deadline for admission to the programme, which takes place in the evening, is Thursday 18 August. Read more about “Urgent Situations” here.

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