Plane crash: Four children found alive

The pilot is said to have reported an emergency situation, due to an engine failure, before the plane crashed to the ground on May 1.

Since then, a massive search operation has been carried out for the seven passengers from the plane in the Guaviare area of ​​Colombia, right next to the Amazon rainforest.

A persistent search effort was carried out by military forces, sniffer dogs, helicopters and by local Guaviare residents.

Missing woman survived with wine

Although constrained by heavy rains, they finally managed to find the wreckage of the Cessna 206 near the village of Palma Rosa, after two weeks.

On and off the plane, the three adult passengers were later found dead. However, his four children, who were also traveling on the plane, still disappeared without a trace. Everyone under the age of 13.

After 16 days, the military, with their three sniffer dogs, found the first signs of life after the children. Three kilometers from the crash site, a pair of purple scissors and a hair tie were found.

Found in crocodile crevice: - Drowned by father

Found in crocodile crevice: – Drowned by father

The dogs are said to sniff out branches the children allegedly used as shelter from the rain, as well as pink baby bottles.

After surviving in the forest for 370 hours, the four children were found alive.

– After exhausting search efforts by our military forces, we found the four children alive. A joy for the country, the country’s president Gustavo Petro told local media.

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