Prince Christian: – Someone should have warned him

The 16-year-old Prince Christian of Denmark is the son of Crown Prince Frederik (53) and Crown Princess Mary (50). As such, he was number two in the line of succession to the Danish throne, which meant his youth life was a little different from most people’s.

Such is the young prince of Europe

With people’s eyes on them, it’s important to avoid mistakes, but it’s not always that easy.

On the second day of Easter, the 16-year-old was present during the settlement between FC Copenhagen and Brøndby at Parken in Copenhagen. There, several people noticed the prince’s clothes, which of course did not suit everyone. It reported the Danish newspaper as Extra Bladet and BT.

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Angry people

The finish between the arch-foes was one of the biggest games for Danish football fans, but several since the match took to Twitter for something completely different from the final result.

Sonja falls victim to jewelery theft

Sonja falls victim to jewelery theft

Prince actually wore an FCK scarf, and thus took a clear stance in the rival settlement – something that has started a debate.

While some believed that this was a great roar, others went so far as to have the royal house abolished.

A user attached a specific emoji and the subject tag «put the royal house».

– Great fun if you are a fan of FCK. But if one is everything, then it is stupid, frivolous and provocative. He will be the king of the whole land, and this is the roar of a giant. Someone should have warned him, wrote another.

The third wrote that he loved the royal house until he realized the prince’s maneuvers.

BT has been in contact with the Danish royal family, who have stated that they do not comment on what they consider to be personal matters.

Royal House expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen told Extra Bladet that this might be the last time we see the heir to the throne in FCK outfit.

– Royal houses are characterized by the fact that they do things that unite, and do not divide the nation.

Breaking the silence about «champagne video»

Breaking the silence about «champagne video»

However, Christian is not the first to open up about which team he belongs to. Danish newspapers wrote that his father several years ago admitted that AGF was his favorite team, while AaB were closest to Prince Joachim (52S)’s heart.

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Must be neutral

Even in this country, the prince’s shawl provoked a reaction. Look and Hear, court expert Caroline Vagle tells Dagbladet that this is something the prince should avoid.

– In this case the royals should remain neutral, and in that way show that they are representative of all of us. Prince Christian will one day be King of Denmark, and then he will be king to the fans both at FC Copenhagen and in Brøndby. Football undoubtedly evokes people’s emotions, and in that case he should probably avoid it.

Do it as a big brother: - It's an honor

Do it as a big brother: – It’s an honor

However, he added that the 16-year-old should be allowed to join any team he wishes.

– Our own King Harald, for example, admits he supports Tottenham, and some of the royals with him have opened up about their favorite team. But the ceiling height might be bigger when it’s a foreign team? King Olav remained an open supporter of Lyn during his time.

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Also in the football nation of England, the royals have shown their interest in the sport.

– Prince William is a renowned and passionate Aston Villa supporter. This can be combined with the fact that he is president of the English Football Association, so in England where football is kept, perhaps the greater man has the understanding that everyone has their favorite team – even the royals?, asks Vagle.

However, in retrospect, Brøndby also joined the debate.

– At Brøndby IF we don’t see a problem, but we are rather pleased that HRH Prince Christian follows Danish football and prioritizes going and watching the biggest club game in Danish football. The only annoyance is that FC Copenhagen unfortunately won yesterday, CEO Ole Palm wrote in his comments to Ritzau, according to BT.

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