Tech companies pounced on Twitter fired to Musk’s derision

Elon Musk’s purge mess on Twitter has left some 3,700 employees redundant, but there’s no shortage of companies now trying to pick them up, reports Reuters.

According to the news agency, some of these companies appealed to their disdain for the methods used by the richest people in the world.

Human resources director Katie Burke at American software company Hubspot butchered Musk after reporting that several people had been fired after criticizing him on an internal Slack channel.

“As a manager, being criticized is part of the job. Great leaders value debate. Disagreements make you better and are part of the process. If you want a place where you can disagree (in a friendly way, obviously, of course) with people -people, HubSpot is looking to rent,” he wrote recently in a Linkedin post.

As of Monday night, Burke has received more than 35,000 positive reactions on LinkedIn.

– A great opportunity

At the same time, Amanda Richardson, head of the start-up company CoderPad, has, according to Reuters, published an open letter to former Twitter employees in which she characterized Musk’s takeover as a “fucking show”.

Richardson was particularly opposed to Twitter’s new strongman banning headquarters.

“At us, we believe that your competence means everything. Not where you sit. Not if you sleep at work. It doesn’t mean you work 18 hours a day, seven days a week,” wrote the head of the company that developed the recruitment software.

Additionally, the head of American cloud and software company Calix, Michael Weening, in a similar post on LinkedIn, described the events of the last weeks on Twitter as “disturbing”, and promised new employees a company culture that “starts with our team players.”

– From our point of view, this is a great opportunity, because people who previously did not want to talk to us are now disappointed and wary. A toxic culture has made people say “never again,” Weening told Reuters.

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