In the so-called Zamilac, new game and sports elements, benches, trash cans and information boards will be created.

“At the same time, we will modify the location in such a way that its natural character is preserved. We will plant trees, lay grass and ensure the overall improvement of the paved area. I’m really looking forward to the fact that in a few months we will be exercising together in this beautiful nature of Brno,” said Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný.

Training field.  photo illustration

Wooden house with ropes or drills. They will build new playgrounds in Lesná and Králové Polí

In its fourth year of participatory budgeting, the project received over three thousand votes, placing it in tenth place. “Of course I’m happy for another successful project from ečkovice and Mokré Hora. I welcome the fact that elements of games and sports have been successfully introduced in a sensitive and moderate manner in Zamilka. In the same way, planting new greenery makes sense,” said Mayor Rechkovice , Marek Viscot.

After processing project documentation and obtaining opinions, the city managed to obtain a building permit. They have handed over the location to the contractor who emerged from the tender process. It should be completed by the turn of October and November.