The guys shoved branches into their anuses. The couple will go to jail and have to pay a million

“The court found them guilty of grievous bodily harm. In addition to the unconditional sentence, he must pay nearly one million crowns to the victim in non-monetary damages,” said court spokeswoman Jana Rubášová.

After the assault, the defendants then left the injured man unassisted. He was still trying to walk back to the neighboring village, which he was unable to do, and halfway there he was left lying helpless on the ground.

He called for help and then ended up in the operating room, where doctors found a badly injured bladder, which experts said was caused by a branch piercing the anus.

They robbed his cellphone and inserted a stick into his anus. A couple from Pilsen are facing 12 years in prison

Crime story

The incident happened last July in the morning after the end of the village entertainment. According to the indictment, the couple wanted to confiscate the cellphones belonging to the injured man and those of a drunken party girl. “With the intention of taking the cell phone, Lukáš M. grabbed the victim’s tie, knocked him to the ground, sat on top of him and repeatedly punched him in the face.”Karel L. then hit the man on the head, kicked him in the stomach, pulled down his pants and twice inserted a branch into his anus with greater force,” said prosecutor Věra Brázdová.

Only Lukáš M testified in court. “He just wanted to return the phone to him but he was sleeping in the car. We started arguing, I slipped and fell, he fell next to me. I held his hand and we screamed at each other. Then the co-defendant hit him. I don’t want anyone to do with that, I went back to the car,” said Lukáš M.

The judgment is not final.

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