The Sejm adopted a special resolution. “Foreign intervention in the election process”

Why are we writing about it?

The resolution was partly a response to the words of EPP chairman Manfred Weber, who in an interview with ZDF television spoke of “fighting PiS”. He also stated that “every party must accept the rule of law”. The words of Manfred Weber, who criticized the PiS government, resonated widely in Poland.

How do MPs vote?

234 MPs voted for the resolution prepared by PiS deputies “on foreign interference in the electoral process in Poland”, 175 voted against, and 10 abstained from voting. Previously, the Sejm had not agreed to reject the resolution in its entirety.

What is the content of the resolution?

The draft states that from 2015, the government of the Republic of Poland is elected in democratic elections and a parliamentary majority constitutes its political basis, which “at the will of the citizens of the Republic renews its mandate to govern in 2019 and confirms it in the same year in European elections, subject to constant attacks.” of the group that dominates the European Union’s political scene.

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What else is underlined in the resolution?

The draft resolution reminds that based on art. 4 sec 1 The Constitution of the Republic of Poland “The supreme power in the Republic of Poland belongs to the Nation”, and the political concept of the Polish Nation “includes the citizens of the Republic of Poland – them and only them”.

“Therefore, only those authorized to establish the supreme authority of the Republic of Poland, including the Sejm. They and only they decide the political color of the parliamentary majority elected in democratic elections, who in turn appoint a government according to the wishes of the citizens of the Republic expressed in the elections and no one else” – so it is written.

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