– This is great for Hungary and for everyone who loves Hungarian football

– I’m very, very proud. That is something the Hungarians lack, says former Liverpool goalkeeper Adam Bogdan Liverpool echo.

– Everyone around us has star players who play for top European teams.

Now Hungary has Dominik Szoboszlai in Liverpool, and that is huge for a country of less than 10 million people.

– Leipzig are a fantastic team, a Champions League team and it is fantastic to play there, but they are not one of the traditional big teams in Europe.

It’s big in Hungary

Bogdan, who has 21 caps for Hungary, shows how big this really is.

“Finally, not only do we have someone there, but we have a guy who has the fourth highest transfer fee paid for him and he got the number eight jersey. It’s big for Hungary and big for everyone who loves Hungarian football and the Premier League.

The football tradition is dead. Hungary has been a losing finalist at the World Cup twice, but that was true in 1938 and 1954, and they have won the Olympics three times. For generations, Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas has carried the country’s football reputation.

DOING IT IN UK: Great Adam Bogdan can look back on the careers of, among others, Bolton and Liverpool.

It will take a lot for Szoboszlai to beat Puskas, who regularly ranks among the 10 greatest players of all time, but there is reason to be excited about it.

– Liverpool has a large following in Hungary. The Premier League has a large following in Hungary. To have a player in the Premier League is fantastic in itself, but to have a player, who is captain of the national team, not only to be one of the biggest teams in England with one of the biggest in the world, they are very passionate.

World class and elite

This country does not have a flood of Premier League profiles on its conscience.

To be fair, there has been a mixed drop for the likes of Istvan Kozma, Sandor Torghelle, Gabor Kiraly, Tamas Priskin, Peter Kurucz, Marton Fulop and Bodgan himself, who were at Liverpool between 2015-2019.

– We always knew that Dominik is an extraordinary talent. You saw him in the Champions League, I saw him in training and I saw him with the national team.

– But when someone pays some money, that’s when you realize it. ‘F**king luck, we think he’s good but this is a world class transfer fee’. You pay that amount for top, top, top, top, top, top players in Europe. Elite.

Szoboszlai had taken advice from Haaland, and they could become neighbors

Szoboszlai had taken advice from Haaland, and they could become neighbors

Both are of the same age and have followed the same career path.

News Tuesday. 04.07. 09:22

The total package for the Mountain is much more expensive than Szoboszlai costs

The total package for the Mountain is much more expensive than Szoboszlai costs

Manchester United ended with Mason Mount – while Dominik Szoboszlai received a red card.

Outlook Yesterday 18:23

If Puskas, who scored 806 times(!) in 793 official matches, has a lot to measure up to, the country’s most successful export in recent times has been Zoltan Gera.

Like Puskas, Gera is an attacking midfielder who has an eye for spectacular goals. Liverpool fans will remember him well from his time at West Bromwich Albion and Fulham. Twice he was named best player of the year in Hungary.

Now it’s Dominik Szoboszlai’s turn to try his hand at England. Bogdan was very confident that this would work.

– He has followed a similar path to Haaland, from Salzburg to top Bundesliga club Leipzig, where he played in the Champions League and he won the German Cup. And now he has arrived in the top team in England. This is the right choice.

– In terms of quality, if we talk about his shooting quality, his passing quality and his understanding of the game, he is definitely above some of Liverpool’s best players under Klopp.

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